Monday, January 24, 2011

Creamed Cabbage with Bacon and Knitting with Ronda

It was a nice weekend, this past weekend. Ali was home all weekend, even came home early because of the snow. On Thursday afternoon it really started coming down hard and it just kept on coming. In an hour our deck was covered and we had almost an inch. The biggest problem was the temperature. It was so cold that it was not just sticking, but it was then freezing. Ali drives the old red 1992 GMC diesel pick-up truck that David bought when we moved here in 1999. She called me from school before she left for work and said she was packing to come home for the weekend because she was pretty certain they would cancel classes on Friday (they did). By the time she got to work, she let me know she would really appreciate it if I would come and get her after work because even with an inch (and more still coming) she was having difficulty driving because it was so icy. Fortunately they closed Starbucks early at about 8:30, so I drove up on very icy roads and brought her home. I am glad I could not really see how bad the roads really were or I would have been terrified to drive on them.

Friday classes were cancelled and we hung out at the house pretty much all day. I took Emily and Ella home at 1 and dropped by Starbucks so Ali could get her truck and then we drove home on the same icy roads, which were a bit better, although still patchy... they don't believe in snowplows in Tennessee, they just spray salt on it and pray. Saturday we went to lunch at Demo's (yum) and got a scoop (or 2) of icecream from Marble Slab (yummier) to celebrate David and Ali's birthdays. Nate went to Savannah's to "do geometry" and I went home and made two pans of macaroni and cheese (one with jalapenos) for David to take to a pot luck with some fellow firefighters.Since I had to pick up Nate later, Kami and I just stayed home.

Sunday - church and then home to pick up a bit and then got ready to make dinner. I made oven-fried chicken, crispy red potatoes and creamed cabbage with bacon. I will get you the chicken and potato recipes later, but for today, it will be the cabbage recipe.

Ronda came over and we talked and knitted and talked and knitted and talked and I came up with an amazing idea. Ali says I am an idea person - I come up with great ones... I just need someone with money to make it happen. Ronda and I one day are going to open a little shop with craft books, yarn, coffee and tea and lots of homemade knitted/crocheted items. I have an awesome name... (and if anyone else out there takes it, I will know where they got it!) "Two Chicks and Some Sticks" (cause we knit.... get it??) Anyway... one day it may happen :) She is making some great scarves, including an infinity scarf and some cowels which look really warm. I have been making socks, little baby "buddy blankets" and washcloths. I try to keep a variety of projects going. All the while I was making dinnner, stopping occasionally to get something going or check on the progress of what was sizzling in the oven. It was smelling so good in the house!! On to dinner...


1 large head green cabbage, shredded
1 med. onion, diced
1/2 package bacon, diced
1/2 c. cream
salt and pepper to taste

I cut up the bacon with my kitchen shears. It is much quicker and less frustration than a knife. In a large pot cook the bacon just until crispy. Throw in the diced onion and cook until onion is translucent. Top with salt and pepper and 1/2 c. cream, cover and cook on medium low for 30-45 minutes until the cabbage is tender. Give it a good stir about halfway through the cooking time, but try to avoid lifting the cover and letting out the steam.

Watch out fo rthe chicken recipe. It was very yummy!! Until then, stay warm and loved, my friends.


  1. it was tastier than it looks - and gluten free :) Like I said, I am not a good photographer, I married one instead. The cabbage looks a little anemic. Must be the camera angle!

  2. Loved this cabbage! and it was wonderfult to knot with you! Love you Lizabeth!-You know it's Ronda

  3. heheehee -knit too!